The Windows 7 issue [The Manual's Answer]

Here is a direct quote from the Halion PDF manual. (bottom of page 406)

Before you create a library, you must decide who your > target users or customers are> . You
could build a library that only HALion users can use, which gives you the freedom to build a
macro page that is larger than the size that HALion Sonic supports, for example. > However,
this limits the number of potential users.

Most often, you will probably want to build your library so that it works with HALion Sonic
SE, which means that it can be used by > everybody> .

If you want to create a library for all users> , you must export your program as a HALion Sonic
SE layer preset. You can find the corresponding command on the Program Tree context

Certainly the same concept applies to operating systems, seeing as the end user could have windows 7 as an OS.

If there is a lack of consideration for the creators, hopefully the above should carry some weight.

++1 : you would think hey …