The Windows problem - any news?


Long time Cubase user in semi-pro project studio here. Now on C6 which introduced some very nice features indeed.

I was just wondering if there are any news on the windows resizing issues? It is my experience, that Cubase has always been a hassle when it comes to handling windows in Windows. I don’t get the Steinberg excuse of “Cubase just handles windows the way Windows does”. I know of no other professional and complex programs that run under Windows, which have the same problems. I know of all the work-arounds there are, and use some of them, but in a professional DAW in 2011 it should not be necessary with a workaround on such an important point.

Now I’ve read some old posts in the archives. In one of the threads users discussed, that it was possible, that it was to expensive for Steinberg to redesign the basic GUI. Especially when compared to the option of putting in more features when releasing a new product. The idea was that new flashy features could attract new customers and keep old customers buying upgrades. Fixing such a basic thing as the GUI for workflow was not flashy - and though it should of course be streamlined for user experience and working - moneywise it was not a good deal for Steinberg.

If that IS the case I hope Steinberg changes their mind very soon. I think many of their pro and semi-pro users would rather have important workflow issues fixed compared to new fancy features and more or less useless synths. I can only speak for myself of course…

I say as much though: when you compare the GUI in C6 to programs such as Presonus Studio One and Ableton Live - Cubase seems lost in the last millium workflow wise.

Studio One is a new product and still lacks some basic audio and midi features. But the GUI is way ahead of Cubase imo. So much in fact, that I would not hesitate to sell my Cubase and migrate to S1.

However! I’ve heard RUMORS, that C7 would introduce a similar GUI and the random resizing and window-all-over-the-place in Cubase should be history. I’ve not been able to have them confirmed though.

Do any of you guys know anything?

If not I must say, that this i possible my last version of Cubase. It’s been a very nice journey for many many years.

But as seen so many times before - old reactionary companies wither and dies but makes room for new and more progressive companies with new takes on things.

Cheers from Denmark

Hi Maegin -

Just to remind me, and perhaps others, would you care to describe exactly what is happening in your case?

I don’t seem to encounter any window resizing, or at least I don’t think I do.

First off I don’t think everyone sees the window handeling in Cubase as a problem. I know I don’t.

However… have you guys seen how the HALion4 UI can be customized into resizable panel containers for the different tools? This was introduced in WaveLab7, to some extent, and I’m guessing it’s gonna end up in Cubase7.

I never maximize the project window so this is never a problem for me, it’s just about the way you work, Cubase windows work as designed.

E.g. the project window is at full size. Now I open the audio-pool (ctrl+P) & all of a sudden the project window jumps to a smaller size - with the effect that I need to maximize it in order to be able to see the zoom factor bar.

Its nonsense to say Microsofts windows management or other programmes under MS Windows would behave in the same way…

Lucky you! For me (and I assume, for others, too) this is a problem!
Let`s say I want to open the key-editor while the project window is not at maximum size.
What happens is, neither the key-editor will show up at max size, once again with the effect that I need to maximize it in order to be able to see the zoom factor bar.

Kind of funny to talk about all those improvements in the workflow (which I do appreciate a lot!) while still facing such inconveniences in version 6.

I Agree 100 % I love Cubase. And version 6 has everything exept thoose damn windows problem. MR816 hardware window. Pool window. Key, drum editor take away my project maximized. Try use Media bay window and Loop Mash window side by side while having project maximized in Windows 7…
This has to be adressed and I think it will but i is probably a lot of new code to get right.

Well, Cubase is absolutely stable here and I was amazed of how well it performed since version 6.0.
I was however deeply frustrated when I realized that the windows resizing problem was not solved even on this mature version.

This problem always makes me be afraid to open the key editor, open the wave editor, because once I do this, I can never be sure if the main project window will stay intact or if it will get resized to gigantic proportions and I will have to resize it manually by dragging the sidebars and resizing. This takes time and it is frustratingly annoying.

For me a GUI redesign that cures these issues should be no.1 Steinberg’s priority and if not on a large update, then surely in a next maintenance update.

Another example:

just 2 days ago I opened the audio-pool window. It showed up full size. As soon as I tried to reduce the window size (in order to “drag & drop” a wav-file onto an audio-track) the project window vanished completely. It had been minimized & I “found” it on the bottom left side above the task bar. I tried this 3 times, then I gave up & imported the file via media bay which works excellently…

I bet, in version 11 Steinberg will have developed a built-in sampler, a time & space stretch function & a laser-show plug-in to accompany all our musical creations but they still won`t have fixed that window resizing problem…

Steinberg, be glad that this is a damn good programme otherwise I´d …oh well…


Workspaces. Swot they’re there for.

Don’t look back.

Works perfectly for me as it is at the moment. It also works as it was intended to. Going to a dockable windows scheme, like Halion 4, would be a bad move AFAIC.


Yes, setting up Workspaces seems to tame the changes.

But I see some windows momentarilly drop out of full screen until the Workspaces police get them back in order.

When I get the dialog window asking where I want to create a new project, the “OK” button is always below the bottom of my monitor. So I have to drag before I hit OK. But the window always returns to the bad location the next time.

+1 here ! window sizing thing is a primitive waiste of time - i came from ableton - if i set window full 1 time LEAVE IT LIKE THAT!!! NO MORE SIZING EVER IN THE SAME PROJECT!!!

Not sure I understand. Coming from being another person complaining about the window issue, I will say that I don’t have much problem once setting everything up. The windows for each item seem to exhibit the same behavior each time - ie. if I place and size a mixer or project window and close it then reopen it it’s the same size and position as before.

What I would reeeeally love is a friggin “LOCK” of some form for position, though this may be a Windows limitation. In other words, I use dual monitors and have everything setup precisely the way I want it. Cubase is stretched across both monitors and everything is positioned the way I want. I have my default project already setup so edit windows open the way I want and to the position I want. It works great this way…

… until I accidentally click the mouse while moving over something and screw it all up!! I can’t tell you guys how many times I went to click File or Audio and accidentally moved the Project window or the main Cubase window and had to sit there and precisely move it back to where it was, perfectly aligned. Same thing with the mixers and VST device window. A “lock in place”, if it’s even possible in Windows, would be totally awesome so I can’t ever accidentally move things I don’t want to without unlocking it first.


I haven’t used them for several versions, but I seem to remember that you can lock workspaces.

I have the same resizing problem that the OP outlines and workspaces does nothing here. I can set a workspace when I start working and within an hour after a few clicks on it ,it reverts to nothing ; meaning that opening another window besides the maximized Project window resizes the Project window and there is no longer that workspace.

All I want is a Project window that stays maximized NO MATTER WHAT.[keyword_search]=Multiple Monitor Support

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something went wrong. Here is the correct one[keyword_search]=Multiple%20Monitor%20Support



Which would hardly matter considering it’s lack of useful information regarding the topic being discussed. :unamused: