The wonderful world of key commands!!

Hello all

I’ve just spent an hour working on key commands - something I should have spent time at years ago!!!
I’ve been using Cubase/Nuendo since 1987 - pro24 days, so I’m not new to the programs!

I exported the key commands xml to Excel, and set up some useful pages for classifying and filtering these.

While my setup is somewhat personalized, it’s also not too far removed from the standard Key command setup.

I reckon there are about 1300 commands available to the KC window.
Your keyboard has about 80 useable keys and there are 8 modifier states - this means you can set up about 640 key commands!!

In my setup, I have about 200 KCs programmed - mostly standard - and of those I regularly use only 90!

There’s so much more available here - I’m definitely gonna try to cut down on the mouse and program some more of these.

Always learning - cheers!

Here’s a table worked from the xml file, identifying key commands by modifier state.

Some are initialising macros, so may not work for you - most are standard tho.