/the workflow for me as a composer

alright. Some time has passed for all of us to now have experience with dorico. No question it is (at this point) like driving a car with 2 wheels or whatever analogy you want to make. and indeed we were asked to contribute money to what is a beta version (after all, this is a business that avid is apparently abandoning and steinberg wants to make money. If high-end code writers wrote me to tomorrow and asked me to contribute to the development of new software that would make composing with a computer for natural, I want not hesitate to contribute). But after living with this a while and writing music every day for a while, the paradigm works for me as a composer better than any other software notation program that I have used (except for maybe, score, which I have not used for a while. I do admire those who have stuck with it). It does not, at this point, have anything like the notation control of score (I wrote with pencil and paper then engraved it in score, but I find that I now need more immediate playback control than score provided. Not that one didn’t know what things sounded like and not that one couldn’t go to the piano; but the immediate feedback at the push of a key with today’s programs I want, and I am not sure why).

In dorico, I feel even at this infant state much less need to trick the program when dealing with music that doesn’t want to squeeze into a measure. I feel much less distracted by the needs of the software and much more myself, and this is only in the infancy of the program. I am excited Daniel, and thank you for the work of your team and am looking forward to the updates that probably will take us to next summer when we really might start to feel comfortable to take it beyond our studios. For me, it works and I am excited. It’s been a long journey through score, music printer plus, finale, sibelius, and all of the free and cheaper programs. this is the first time that I have felt the kind of freedom that I felt with my pen and paper on my piano (alhough, lets face it, nothing will really replace that).

Thanks for your feedback. I hope that you will find each subsequent update to Dorico both increases its functionality and your comfort with the program, and that soon you will feel it has the full complement of wheels.