At least for some…

(credit to Swamptone for finding this… posted elsewhere)

Nice! :sunglasses:

Nice indeed.

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:laughing: gave him something to think about. "Mom, you know, for my next birthday … " :sunglasses:





They should now expose that kid to some Jazz :laughing:

But seriously… this makes me appreciate my own ability to appreciate music even more… and to ignore people who feel the need to endlessly tell the rest of us what music “sucks”

So there’s a lot to it apparently. Not to mention the blindness this little chap is living with, which would certainly heighten his other senses…

Hopefully the video will raise awareness, pass it on. :sunglasses:

Wonderful! Thanks for posting! :sunglasses:

A former colleague of mine has an autistic child and mentioned to me that before their boy started taking piano lessons at about age 6, he was very uncommunicative, however, once he had just a few lessons, a change began, and he has since become far more well adjusted, it seems the music was the right therapy. When Nick posted this elsewhere, it reminded me of that kid. I had to pass it on. :stuck_out_tongue: :ugeek:

Cool story, Robin! :sunglasses:

Neat! :slight_smile:

Lanat hai tujh py.