There are no VST plugins available in inserts

There are no VST plugins available in VST performer inserts. Any idea why?

In the Performer app, check settings (cogwheel) and plugins, activate.

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Thank you!

I am trying to setup this thing now and can’t understand if it’s possible to record separate channels. I understand I can receive HD files, but is it possible to assign a particular performer input to the Nuendo channel? Like Mic to the channel 1 and instrument to the channel 2, add some FX in Nuendo, not in the Performer app?

Note that Performer only streams stereo in realtime. You can assign Performer hardware inputs to its channels (up to 16) in Performer remote mixer, record enable those, and then apply “Get HD Files” after recording. This will create Nuendo tracks for each of the recorded channels (all of this requires the PRO version). There you may apply further inserts and sends etc. You cannot apply fx etc during realtime recording, as VST Connect is strictly synchronous and there is always a delay with networking.

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Thanks I get it!