There are other activated processes which disturb the installation process

I am trying to install my old Nuendo 3 (32 bit) on a Windows 10 Dell laptop. I have Nuendo 3 on my desktop computer (Windows 10) as well as my Cubase 11, so I know this is possible. Both are on my Steinberg Dongle.
When I try to install it on my Dell Laptop (Windows 10) without, or with the dongle plugged in, I get the message above. I have tried in XP compatibility mode, I have turned off all background apps, but the message still comes up. Elcencer is installed, updated and scanned successfully on the laptop. My Cubase 11 installed successfully on the laptop, obviously using the Steinberg Downloader. Nuendo 3 I understand has discontinued support from Steinberg, so I used the original installer from the CD witch I copied to the laptop hard drive.
Any ideas?

For something that old I might actually try running it in an XP virtual machine. VMWare should be able to pass the dongle in to the VM so it can work with it (you can disconnect USB devices from the host and hook them to a VM). It is old enough that I don’t know if you’ll get it to work on a modern system.

Thanks for the response. Ive had N3 installed in Windows 10 on my last build and it worked although a bit sluggish. I have rebuilt my system now with clean installs of everything and now it won’t install Nuendo 3. Maybe a later update of Windows 10 is the problem? I have many old projects that if I want to recall them I could and then copy and pasted all audio and midi into Cubase. Its not that essential as Cubase 11 still opens those ancient old Nuendo Songs, although not perfectly, but enough to use what’s there to recreate it.

At what point in the installation process does this message appear? And which component is causing the message? Windows itself? The Nuendo installer? (Maybe you can take a screenshot of the message?)