There are "too many" choices in WL12

I know WL is a GREAT program for mastering and restoration work and I have been using it for 28 years. The current version WL12 is very good BUT there are a lot of “checkboxes” that are stuck away in menus and preferences that are making my life not as “easy” as it used to be. I call it the “opps” problem and all of a sudden things that worked well in WL11 now are either not working or working differently than they did in WL11. I have read the information in the manual but there is just a lot to digest and remember. I think in the rush to make WL12 the be all end all version something’s got changed that should not have gotten changed. I went back to WL11 but that program is no longer working completely and I have noted that in some other posts. These changes are really making my life much more difficult than it has to be and are messing with the normal way I do mastering and restoration work.


You likely made some suggestions in the past that were considered valuable and subsequently implemented, as did Mr. X, Y, and Z. Consequently, the application now has more options. However, some features have been removed compared to previous versions of the application. For example, compare the “New” menu of WaveLab 11 with that of WaveLab 12. As you can see, this represents a significant reduction.

WaveLab 11

WaveLab 12

Therefore, I would not say there are overall more options. Additionally, great care is taken to avoid an excess of options. Yet, when a feature is deemed important, it is included.

WaveLab also employs a technique known as Progressive Disclosure to reduce UI clutter by hiding less important options, which I think helps (Progressive disclosure - Wikipedia). Using the old WaveLab 6 or WaveLab 8 UI to support all the features present in WaveLab 12 would have become a mess. If you compare WaveLab 9 and 12, the overall first impression is very similar, an effect of Progressive Disclosure.

Anyway, using a large application is largely a matter of habit.

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Additionally, one of the things that WL does so well is allow user workspace customization.

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WaveLab 12 is the most efficient and stable version of WaveLab that I’ve experienced since I started using it with version 7 when it came to Mac which was honestly kind of a mess, but the best Mac option I could find at the time.

I’m glad I stuck with it because SoundBlade ended up dying and WaveBurner was abandoned and was never that great to start with.

WaveLab 12 is nearly perfect.

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I am on a PC so maybe things are different. I always liked WL11.2. The upgrade to WL12 has been in many cases a nightmare…FWIW

I use a PC and I have to agree with Justin @Justin_Perkins. IMHO WL12 is truly outstanding for its ease of use and stability.

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Glad you are having lot of luck with WL 12. I am not. Have a GREAT WEEK!