There comes no sound from Embracer in Cubase.

I haven’t been using Cubase recently but when I started using it again, I tried to edit a midi file with VSTIs, but unfortunately Embracer made no sound at all. All the other VSTIs are working fine.

There is, however, a remark to be made: when I point to Devices > Plug-in Information > VST Plugins and click “Update”, the message: “Invalid Installation detected. Please install HALion from the original CD-ROM.” appears. I used this last VSTI but chose to stop using it. Besides, when I use Nuendo, Embracer works perfectly (P.S: in Nuendo I’m no longer using HALion either).

I ask how can I fix Embracer in order to make it work again (and if there is a relation with HALion’s message).

Thanks in advance,


This is very old VST2 (32-bit) plug-in, which is not supported anymore. Same report here.