There is a problem that has been plaguing me, as shown in the picture,

There is a problem that has been plaguing me, as shown in the picture, I don’t know how to activate the activation code I bought, and I don’t know where the problem is, can you help me?

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In the eLicenser Control Center click the “Enter Activation Code” (green) button. Enter the Cubase Elements 11 UD Activation Code and click Download to download the license.

As you are doing this now, you will get Cubase Elements 12 for free thanks to Steinberg Grace Period. You will activate this in the Steinberg Activation Manager (because Steinberg switched over to the new licensing system with Cubase 12).

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Currently, there are no licenses that can be upgraded with your upgrade license. Please connect a USB-eLicenser with a suitable and upgradable license to your computer.

I have never understood what this upgrade license means.

What license do I need to use to upgrade, thanks for the reply


To me it looks like you bought wrong update. How is it called on the invoice, please?

This is a screenshot of my invoice, take a look


This am update from Cubase Elements, which you don’t own. You need an upgrade from Cubase AI to Cubase Elements.

Can you give me the link to this upgrade? I can’t find it, thanks


Unfortunately there are no direct links to the products in the shop. See the screenshot of the product, please.

Do I need to buy this outright?


Sorry, I’m not sure if I understand you right. This is the only upgrade you need for the Cubase AI > Cubase Elements upgrade. There is no other one.

Please make sure to hide all personal or sensitive data (email, access code etc.) on your attached pictures.
I have already modified the ones you posted here.