There is no all of note ranges in virtual keyboard


Very thanks for new features and solving bugs with 2.7 version.

Extended note range is very useful ( -2 to +8 ) , but there is only on piano roll .
Please add all of note range to cubasis virtual keyboard . Because we can do some very interesting things with this huge range in real time on cubasis virtual keyboard .


Hi Pejman,

Thanks for your message.
The newly introduced keyboard transpose settings, allows you to manually change the range of the on-board keyboard and external gear.


Thanks for replay.
Yes you are right and that’s good idea, but i want use lowest and highest octave at the same time , for example i use highest and lowest octaves that’s not useful for instruments , I use for controlling parameters 3 or 4 apps at same time, that support midi learn through Midiflow app ( midi flow app lets me convert note or velocity note to cc or anything ), and I don’t need to use audiobus app .
But with the way you mentioned it , we have to each time go to settings and very carefully adjust octave range .
How good would it be if there was +/ - button octave at the top of the virtual keyboard at least , like garagband virtual keyboard. Or very simple, virtual keyboard with 11 octaves, With draging the light region in the miniature keyboard or Sliding the left or right marker changes the keyboard’s range.

There is enough space by dragging the virtual keyboard , for adding options, like octave shift and hold/lock note ( toggle and latch modes ) option that I have suggested before for cubasis app : .