There is no download about Cubase AI for Vocaloid in the Download Manager


I do not find the Cubase AI for Vocaloid in the download section.
Where can I get it ?
I installed the Cubase AI 12 with a private download code, where is the license for activation ?
Screenshot :


Hi @julio_fong

The screenshot indicates that you already entered a valid license for Cubase AI and downloaded it?

The application will be called „Cubase AI“. Maybe that’s where the confusion is coming from?

Here’s the official documentation for how to enter the license and download the software, but maybe you just need to launch Cubase AI from your desktop?

You need to activate your license via the Activation Manager. Start it, Login to your mySteinberg account and then you should see the entry for Cubase 12 AI. click on the activate button and that’s it.

The documentation is confusing, and looks wrong. There’s no product I know of with this name: “Cubase AI for Vocaloid”

I think you need to install Cubase AI and Vocaloid.

In your new project, add Vocaloid as an instrument track.


The Activation Manager won’t start. I’m using the last version.
Screenshot :

Restart your computer and try then.

it doesn’t work.

Don’t know what to tell you then. You do need to restart your computer though.

already restarted…
Any help from the development team ?

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