There is no sound in the Cubase Artist 11 program! Help!

Hello! I have had a Cubase Artist 7 program since 2012. On November 28, 2021, I bought an upgrade of the program to Cubase Artist 11. The program was installed on my computer. But! There is no sound in it!!! And when you log in to the program, a sign appears “The connected eLicenser contain at least one @not Active License for these program.” Why is that? The eLicensers program shows that everything is fine. What should I do? Please help me!!!Help me start the sound in the program!!! Thanks! I am waiting for your help!

Hi and welcome to the forum,

How is you Studio > Audio Connections > Outputs (or Control Room, if you use it) settings, please?

If you bought an upgrade for an older Cubase Version, you need to update the license in your login.
In case you haven’t done that, go to log in and go to you licenses. You should be able to apply the upgrade to your existing Cubase 7 license.