There is not some of the useful chords on the pads

I need some of the beautiful and useful chords on the pads : m9 add9. Sus2. m6. dim7
I can’t build or edit these chord that i can see them on the pads for directly use

I use ChordPolyPad for that task
ChordPolyPad - Midi Chords Player by Laurent Colson

Hello surfer
Very thanks of you for help mi
But i know there are apps for this work for example yamaha synth&dr pad app Free
But i will this option on cubase without any app
But app that you say is very nice and alittle expensive for mi
Very thanks of you

Hi Pejman,

Please give the chord buttons located above the keyboard a try.
By tapping the “e” button to the left you’re able to assign custom chords at your wish.