There Must be a catch!!!

This version seems to have everything I have been asking for, the only thing that isn’t so obvious is if the resizing window annoyance has been fixed, but I’ve gone ahead and ordered it anyway, this looks like a MAJOR update.

Interesting, Ive been a customer since 1984, the upgrade price is less than a days income in the studio yet I really cant be bothered.

This is the first time that I`ve seen a basically catch up release from steinberg as a new release version.


Don’t forget SX, that had a lot of catch-up versions too.

I am currently still missing one Essential thing …
the only thing that is missing in Cubase but included with EVERY other DAW
It’s not to piss the guys @ steinberg off because they might still be able to fix it with an update
But still It’s just not included
Okay so not every DAW in the world might include A very good one but there is one included …
Worlds Nr 1 DAW includes one that’s just good integrated with there package
And the only Reason I did not make the choice for that is … That I don’t Have a MAC …

So … why isn’t there A Basic Sampler Included with Cubase 6 ???
Something that can Load a wav file so I can use it to play a melody with …

well … One benefit … When Cubase 7 will be released I am still able to upgrade for the same price as Cubase 6 owners will have to pay :stuck_out_tongue:

I was very sceptical about this, but there is just too much to miss out on, especially the amp sim stuff, thats gonna be amazing, especially now i’ve been looking at GR3 lol now I can forget it.

I just hope the previous problems are fixed.

:smiling_imp: let all hope

I’m with Hippo. Not a lot for me here. I almost never multitrack … Or manipulate drum multitracks. I wanted better routing, more outputs on VSTi tracks, and to be able to move frozen parts (or easily convert frozen parts to audio parts). First time I did not get excited for a new Cubase version. :frowning:

Yes - fixed in position, immovable - maybe forever. :laughing:

So this will be your first Cubase version upgrade then? Otherwise I expect you’d have noticed that it’s not Steinberg’s habit to eliminate bugs before releasing a new version. Priority seems to go to glitzy new things that will stimulate purchases. Can’t blame them, I suppose - if it’s glitz and glam that makes the money, I suppose that’s what they have to go for, instead of eliminating bugs and adding the refinements that long-standing users want.

To avoid disappointment … Don’t expect all bugs to have gone when a new version appears; do expect some recent ones to remain, as well as some from older versions. And don’t expect to have seen the end of all seemingly silly and pointless changes between C5 and C5.5 that reduced the utility of the program; but do expect more of the same. Think of 6.0 as the first, wobbly step on the road to the final 6.x version (which might be good).

I’m happy for the people who’re looking forward the new accessories, like the new amp models, and sorry for the people who’re still wishing for other accessories like a sampler. But, as for me, I don’t give a monkey’s about any of that stuff: I just want the main program to work well - and, really, I’m not much bothered about anything except MIDI. So, for me, C6 doesn’t look like much of an improvement over C5.

This version has almost NOTHING I’ve asked for, which is just a few things that I’ve been asking forever. Maybe YOU need to ask for me! :slight_smile:

It boils down to whether you use your DAW mainly for audio, in which case this is a great update, or mainly midi, in which case it’s pretty much CB5, or like me who uses it as a multitrack recorder/editor AND for audio/MIDI recording in which case it seems awesome. The tempo from audio function is something I never expected and will save hours of trying to line up the tempo track to audio recorded without a click.

Having said all that, they had fallen well behind the competition on the audio side, I heard that was because they were spending too much time sorting out problems with frozen parts or something. :wink:

Absolutely, if works as expected will save a huge amount of time mapping tempo…


Cubase catches up while Artist takes away.

Hey there Hippo. Hope ya well fella. :slight_smile: