There needs to be a way to Export Cycle Markers and Multiple Audio Tracks without bouncing unneeded silence!

This needs some work.

Say I have 100 audio files each one on its own track, but sequences across the timeline by bar. So 100 files, each one on its own track, in its own bar.

Each file/bar has a cycle marker - so there are also 100 cycle markers.

If I export these 100 audio tracks by 100 cycle markers - this creates 1000 files, instead of just the 100 exports that I need. It essentially creates 900 silent files each on their own audio track that have to be deleted after.

Uhm… Route them to a group, export only the group with markers activated. Done

I do this sometimes, but I’d like to use the channel names in the naming scheme.

There just needs to be a settings for export cycle markers where it disregards channels that don’t have an event/region within the cycle marker range.