There was shrinkage!

Okay, I couldn’t resist the Seinfeld pun… :laughing:

Seriously though, I found a minor bug in 8.0.20.

Here’s the repo:

  1. Open an empty project
  2. Insert some instrument channels (I did 30)
  3. Insert some group channels (I did 6)
  4. Switch to mixer (if not already there)
  5. Hit “H” until the tracks fill the mixer section, with one track-worth of empty space
  6. Hit F3 to minimize the mixer
  7. Hit F3 again to bring the mixer back

Result: The horizontal real estate that the tracks take up shrinks a few times when toggling F3. If you try to fill the newly-created empty space back up, the behavior repeats ad infinitum. On a few of my projects, the shrinkage is actually much more severe than experienced with this simple repo.

On a (weakly) related note, I also noticed that the mixer window now appears on top after opening a project (it used to be the track window).

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this…