Theremini via Input-Transformer

Im trying to use the Input-Transformer to be able to use my Theremini (that sends pitch on cc20, and volume on cc97) to control my hardware synth. What I want to do is to play the sounds from my external synth from my Theremini.

I guess I need to set up the Input Transformer on that track to trigger a note when cc20 is sent, and at the same time alter the pitch of that note.

It seems the volume cc97 works by itself so we dont have to think about that one.

Anyone in here that is able to help me out on this? Im kind of stuck…

How do you wish the receiving instrument to respond?..
a) like a “regular” keyboard instrument, with individually triggered semitones, or
b) “theremin-style” (or Ondes Martenot), where it is just one continuous note, whose pitch bends (or glides) according to your performance?
I’m note even sure that the Input Transformer (or the Transformer Insert FX plugin) could really achieve either of those… but, personally, I’d need to know the answer to the above question, before trying to examine if there is a way (as you can imagine, those are two completely different things :wink: )

After reading some of your other notes in this forum, I was hoping that you would reply to this :slight_smile:.
Well, for me any solution would be great, of course a continuous note that bends with the input would be best, but I don’t think you can pitch it that much. I see before me an input in the transformer for cc20, that triggers both a “pitchbend” and “note-on” msg.
Looking forward to see if you have any suggestions.

Where are you looking? :wink:. If it is adding a note-on, in addition to the CC#20 event, you must be referring to the Transformer Insert FX plugin, not the Input Transformer (which doesn’t have an “Insert” function, only a “Filter” and a “Transform” function).
But bear in mind that the Transformer acts upon every incoming MIDI event (or rather, it chooses to either act upon that data or ignore it), so if you move your knob/fader with CC#20 through its full range, it will also send 127 consecutive note-on events! (unless the Transformer is set to respond to only _certain value_s of CC#20).
So you’d be better off, if possible, triggering the note-on/note-off via a separate source, such as a sustain pedal, then CC#20 will be free to be transformed into pitchbend (most virtual instruments offer a maximum pitchbend range of +/- 12 semitones.). What is the virtual Instrument that you are hoping to trigger?

Hi and thanks for your reply!
It is the input-transformer that I had the hopes for. Would it help if we used the volume-fader CC#97 to trigger the note-on? The theremini also transmits this.
The destination is an external synth (Novation Supernova II-rack), no virtual synth.

Vic is right, I just had a quick look at the manual (looks like a fun instrument!) and the controller appears to be simply the CV out in MIDI form. The fact that it outputs a 14-bit value also suggests it was intended to be transformed into pitch bend data (the MIDI pitch bend message has a resolution of 14 bits as well).

Yes, you are probably right. But if I get me a sustain pedal to trigger a note, I have to know that I can pitch more than +12tones. Can I set up the input-transformer to pitch shift more than this?

Use the transformer only to change the CC20 to pitch bend, which then gets sent to the synth. What the synth does with that pitch bend information is a matter for the synth, so the question is, can the Supernova be configured to do more than +12 tones in response to pitch bend?

You don’t have to first get a pedal though, as a test you could just draw in a long note in a MIDI part on the track assigned to the synth.