There's a feature in WL that could be utilized better?

In WL, I love how you can leave the plugin up on the Project and then click on it’s header and reduce it to just the header. Problem is, if you use the ‘black’ WL Project screen, the header blends into the project page. Is there a simple way to change the color of the header of the plugins? Thanks.

I don’t see much blending. Can you show a picture?

If I choose to stack the plugin headers vertically, I can then click on each one, one at a time for a visual or adjustment.

Ok, but where exactly do you see the blend, that is, the lack of contrast/lack of differentiation?

Looking at the images I don’t really see a problem. FWIW

Haha, OK, imagine the header were white? Or yellow, or red, or whatever. If it was anything but black/gray I think the contrast would make the header stand out more and possibly something that I would use more.

Honestly, when I first saw this feature in WL I was super impressed with it. I actually asked Steinberg if they could implement it in Cubase (they said no). As it is, having two screens, I tend to leave the plugins open and move them out of the way of each other (and the wave files), or just close/open them when I need them. I see this feature as something that is not getting the attention it deserves.

The screenshots look fine to me too, but perhaps you might need to check the calibration of your monitor?
Not all monitors are the same and photographers and graphic designers pay a lot of attention to this.
Here is one site with calibration images and good instructions: LCD Monitor test images

I understand what the OP is saying. I have felt that way too. Collapsed plugins tend to camouflage themselves because the dark theme background consists of many grey/black horizontal elements with the same height as a collapsed plugin.

This doesn’t bother me any more. Can I offer this? Workflow / habits help – I “dock” my plugins in the same place, so I know where to find them. Also, the buttons and input windows will highlight when moused-over. So running the mouse over the screen helps to locate wayward plugins. Hope that helps.