There's a great deal to like about Cubase...

Hello fellow forumites and Cubasers!

I have just started trialing Cubase Elements 8 so I will offer my feedback.

Firstly, I totally dig the general Windows Management improvements such as VST Instrument Rack, show/hide Rack, Inspector etc as well as Plug In management not to mention the way you can see the desktop when a file isn’t open.

One thing that seems an omission though, the fact that the Mixer cannot be Always on Top, I do not understand why this cannot be the case.

Also, the audio volume appears to quickly drop in level when you unassign an audio bus, which is great for my speakers and ears.

One small feature request though, it would be nice if you could use a Modifier when selecting an audio range and have Cubase play back immediately (from the left) so you don’t have to click on the the location bar.

I will try to offer more feedback but this is what I have observed thus far.

Thanks for continuing development of this great program.