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I was inspired by Stephco and Early 21 a few months ago to put some of the individual tracks I’ve done together as an album. Like, Stephco, doing this led me to remaster a lot of the tracks. I revisited them and tweaked things here and there on a few of the tracks. I didn’t re-record anything. This was all done via re-mixing and re-mastering to whatever extent necessary. I felt they could be now improved with the knowledge and experience I have in 2022. Generally, it’s made these tracks sound better to my ear, and I feel their overall presentation is improved in many cases.
The songs on this album are all instrumentals, and I’m totally a one man band. All of the guitars, basses, and keys were played by me, and any effects or processing of them utilizes Line 6’s Helix Native plug-in. I programmed and/or played any of the drum and percussion parts, and they’re all Groove Agent. The softsynths are all from Cubase and are generally Halion or Retrologue, although Spector, Padshop, and Mystic might be there from time to time.
For those unfamiliar with the fees mentioned on bandcamp, you can usually listen to anything there 3 times before anything comes up suggesting that it’s now time to purchase the track. That should be true of all of the tracks on this album.
I have no illusions about earning a living through my bandcamp page, so I’m also pasting some album codes at the bottom of this. These will allow anyone desiring it to get the album for free. If the codes I put here wind up being all used, message me, and I’ll happily send you another.
The tracks here that I like the best, and am most proud of are:
To the Field of Reeds
Seasons Spiral Forth
Mes Aynak Nears Midnight
The 11th Hour’s Promise
The Sixties
20 20 (re) Visions
The others are obviously my babies too, so I’m basically hoping anyone hearing this will like all of my “offspring”. Happy listening to anyone checking in on this.

free download album codes and instructions on redeeming them follow:


Simply copy and paste one of the codes, and redeem it here:

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Hi John, congratulations. You must be quite proud. Some tracks I recognized because you posted them here, and some I didn’t, and maybe you posted them here and I missed. It has a very cohesive sound from beginning to end. Love the title and the cover!

One thing, I find it really difficult to read your BandCamp page because of the colors of the text vs. the background. Could just be me. I think you’ve used that color scheme for a long time.

hey John.
That is huge work and leading to great results. The album is coherent, as Leon said.
My favs: To the Field of Reeds (Wow), That Time, Jeanne’s Favorites, and The Mind Observes.

Thanks to both of you for weighing in on this, and for the encouragement and good advice here and over time.
You"ve each inspired me to take the plunge on putting the individual tracks together as an album, and to do some remastering and new mixes in the process. Very glad you’ve each found that the tracks fit well with each other. That is always nice to know, and I guess in some way it means that my “sound” is pretty consistently my own.
Leon, I never even considered my bandcamp page layout since I first set it up. Thanks to you, I’ve now taken a look and played around with the colors-just the thing my aging mind needed today! I had fun, and I think it now should be easier to read.