There's no link for Track Quick Controls

Damn, I had an idea to do something, but there’s no linkability for track quick controls! :frowning:


thinking about this some more… this would be such an easy way for people to control multiple things outside of the ‘Quick Controls Per One Track Focus’ protocol.

ie, Hardware controller mapped to Quick Control MIDI CCs, if one track is focused for QC manipulation - it could be linked to 8 other tracks quick controls or how many ever. So you could have one Quick Control input control for example, 8 plugin filters across 8 tracks

Before Cubase 11 was released, there was some speculation that this version would also bring innovations in the area of remote control. Then it was said that this feature would come a little later …

“Cubase 11 will have a completely new MIDI remote and API system”
Steinberg Cubase 11 is coming - MusicTechTips