There's some great stuff in Cubase 13

I know forums are full of people complaining, including me sometimes (that’s the nature of forums), but I gotta say that C13 is performing quite well here, and I’ve gotten used to the new GUI, though it definitely needs more customizability and a few significant tweaks like the tiny font size in certain sections, etc.

Stability is damn good with huge projects and the new features like range tool improvements, MIDI editing, and more are great. Yes, there are plenty of old issues that need help, but I want to give Steinberg a thumbs up for the things that are great and improved, which are plenty.

My hope is that C13.5 is focused entirely on fixing lots of longstanding issues that relate to workflow speed. My top three of many are:

(1) Incorporate the option of Volume and Pan in all track headers, which is a gigantic workflow speed-up

(2) Make any track fully pin-able to the top (above the Divided Tracks)

(3) Speed up dragging scroll speed in the Project Window)

Everyone is now gonna list what they want fixed and this thread will get completely muddled. :joy: