They get Richer & we get &^&^%#

Steinberg, Oh great and Powerful & did i forget Very Rich… In Dec I Purchased CB 5… not cheap… You knew then 6 was on the way. But the ppl in Marketing & sales didn’t release this info to the stores. If I would have know I would have held off and waited a Month… Now i HAVE to pay $20.US & 14 to ship. More $$$ that i don’t have to keep this studio up to date w/ current Tech… I can see how the rich get richer and the poor get poorer… Just had to vent. Corperate America once again screwing the little guy…

You have got to be kidding. This is the big evil Corperate (sic) America? It’s not even an US company.

Dude, Haliburton turning a profit on the backs of US troops, or Enron ripping off old ladies by manipulating electric rates is Corporate America screwing the little guy. Let’s keep some perspective here.

And move me to the Music Lounge please.


I too got a copy of Cubase 5 in Dec '10 ( I have multiple copies for work) … but unlike you I was quite happy at the $35 (total) upgrade for recent purchasers. Seemed fair to me (though a paper manual would have sealed the deal!)

Of course you don’t have to upgrade at all … there’s still an update for 5.5 on the way and I can tell you first hand that 5.5 was/is the best Cubase ever IMO. I used V6 on a real project for the first time this weekend. Seems very stable … not hugely different from V5.5 really in my workflow, though I did like the way the new waveform displays felt on my eyes. But there’s no new features as far as I can tell, that would render V5 “unusable because I can’t xxxx”.

Work in V5, save the $$ you would have spent in Starbucks :wink: and in no time you’ll have the $35 for V6.



Hi, Axeman00.
You don’t “have to pay”… nobody forces you to pay, because C5 is a very powerful DAW.

It’s likely irrelevant since there will be an update soon and the only difference between 5/6 will be features.

That one was hard to get between my ears for a moment. A complex product that has become so reliable that the focus is only on features. D@mned cool!

Axemann writes:
"Now i HAVE to pay $20.US & 14 to ship. More $$$ that i don’t have "

Really? Having to pay $35 causes you to run to a fourm and post a distribe against Steinberg. Maybe the studio business is just not for you?


Team up with this bloke,you can be outraged together,

Axeman id give up being a stand up comedian and get a day job if i was you, why don’t you spend your 35 bucks on something you might be capable of using like. …um a rattle and fisher price activity set . What A noob. :angry:
Thanks steiny for the cheap upgrade, it was most welcome


I will bite my tongue, um i mean fingers, on this topic. Sorry the axeman feels soooooooo soooooooooo sad.

I do hope he is just trolling.


If you could decide how Steinberg dealt with the pricing on the approach to upgrades, what would you have them do?

Be precise, please.

I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!!!

I have to ask: what feature, exactly, is the reason that you absolutely, positively must have it, or else your life will cease to exist?

Be specific.

Tell us how you needed that particular feature to do some specific task, that you absolutely, positively had to have it? How your musical mistress would refuse to do the mystical pole dance until you used that precise feature to satisfy her urges, impulses and desires?

Because if you can do that, I might be with you on this.

Hardware "mark 11"s come out all the time and you have to buy a whole new unit to upgrade. All studios and musicians are used to it. If you can’t afford to upgrade fairly cheap software then realistically you must ask yourself if your studio is worth the upgrade.
If you have a project studio then 5.5 is ideal. As stated by others v6 is, besides what’s under the hood, a cosmetic upgrade with a few added features. It’s good but if you can’t afford it just wait until the next major upgrade.
The beauty of that is that if the new C7 isn’t up to scratch the likelyhood is that you can use a very stable version of C6 until C7 gets a facelift.

Brilliant! I like that. Mind if i use it? :laughing:

Not at all. :sunglasses:

Hi, I was one of these “ppl in Marketing & sales” who drove the decision to charge not anymore than 20$ for the GP Update. The production and handling of this SKU cost us more than 20$, so actually we pay money on top of every sold Grace Period Update. Lower prices are impossible as long as it is a shipping product and not a download (we aim to offer a downloadable upgrade next time).

Actually no GP Upgrade on earth will fit everyone, because there will always be someone who purchased the previous version days or weeks before the GP timeframe starts. There is no known solution to this dilemma - except for life-time free upgrades (which would equal exiting the market for several companies).

Looking at the price and the GP Upgrade timeframe we offer (6 weeks before and 6 weeks after the launch), I feel confident that this is a fair deal.


+1, Doug. I noticed Bill said that and did a silent applause. His name will be on my lips as I give him credit, if I, too, can use it.

Oh, thank you, THANK YOU! Helge … our HERO! :sunglasses:

I hope you don’t mind me quoting you slightly out of context, do you? :confused:

You mean something like this? :smiley: