Thick line at start of single instrument staves

The colleague I engrave for has his own ideas about notation, which are not necessarily normal, yet expects me to follow them. Is there any way to have each staff for a solo instrument piece begin with a thick line rather the none? I know this goes against proper practice.


You can fake it:

  1. Go to Layout Options and tell Dorico to show brackets even if there is only one instrument of a group.
  2. Open Engraving Options (section “Brackets and Braces”) and select the end of brackets without wings. Set the gap between the bracket and the system to 0. You can also adjust the thickness of the new faked “bar line” there.

Ta-daa :slight_smile:


Aha! One day I will know all the options in Dorico. I knew how to do 2. but not 1.

I’m using Dorico in German and didn’t want to confuse you by using the wrong English terms. That’s why I did not provide a better explanation here for you :slight_smile:



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