Thin brackets for violins in string 4tet template

I’m finally going back and working through the tutorials and I immediately ran into the above problem. Daniel’s introductory video decribes adding a second cello to the string quartet template. On his screen, the entire ensemble is connected with a thick bracket and two violin staves are connected by a thin, secondary one. In my template, the secondary bracket is missing and there’s no setting I can find to change this. In Engraving Options/Brackets and Braces I have ‘Instruments of the same kind within a bracketed group’ set to ‘Use secondary brackets’, but they still don’t appear. I know this must be really basic but it has me stumped.

P.S. These secondary brackets do appear in other templates, like the orchestral ones.

Vaughan, I get the same behaviour. I think it’s a bug. If you create the players from scratch in a new document, the secondary brackets appear.

It looks as though secondary brackets are not shown when the ensemble type ‘small ensemble’ is selected on the Brackets and Braces page of Engraving Options. Select ‘orchestral’ here and the secondary brackets appear.

Ah, good to know! Thanks to both of you.