Things I learned from Dutilleux's Metaboles

So I copied the first page of Metaboles to see where I get stuck.

Here are some of my insights.


  1. I had trouble to force rhythmic durations.
    For instance, original score had this:
    But I ended up having this:
  2. I couldn’t successfully indicate the timpani’s pitches.
    I created another flow for the timpani’s pitches and tried to insert that as a frame on page 1 but failed. It looks horrible.
    More issues in reply
  1. Couldn’t add brackets to the harp pedaling
  2. Couldn’t add this bracket to the harp:
    More issues in reply
  1. Couldn’t force rest duration:
  2. I couldn’t create these cautionary clefs:
    More issues in reply

Hi Michael, if you type “O” you get the locked duration and you can enter the note values that Dutilleux has given. When you tie the notes together, they will retain their values. It will also work with rests. Hope that helps. Enjoy entering Metaboles- I’ve also copied out a few pages of the score in another program just for fun.

  1. I couldn’t create l.v. ties.

  2. I couldn’t group two instruments on one staff

  3. I couldn’t capitalize the “P” in “Pizz”

  4. I couldn’t create the big time signatures:

For the non arp. bracket of the harp, you want to use shift-O for ornament and type “nonarp.” Make sure that no dynamic is selected or it won’t take.

I wanted to attach the project but its size is about 10mb while the upload limit is 2.

Hi Kevin.
The harp bracketing worked! Thanks
About the force duration… I might be doing something wrong, cause I can’t get it to to anything.

There was a great idea about l.v. ties from another user here (it is a hack at moment):

You are definitely doing something wrong, it is possible to get the durations you want. you have to get used to the way that thinks!

Large time signatures as well as instruments sharing staves are sadly in our future not our present.

I can make the force duration work with notes but not with rests… :\

One way to get the Pizz to be Pizz and not pizz is to enter it as text with shift-X. The auto spell correction keeps correct pizz to pizza which makes me hungry.

OK, here’s how you do the rests:
press “o” and “,” so you are locked and entering rest.
Enter the note value adding the dotted rhythm with ‘.’ key.
Make the rest by typing a note name like ‘g’