Things I like in the Cubase 7 demo

Hey Nuendoers,

I was too curious, I had to play with the Cubase 7 demo for a while.

I noticed a couple of things that I really like:

  • Audio-statistics of a file or clip in the project page now includes R128 information. Scanning is fast (a 50 min stereo file was scanned in 1.5 minutes on my mac book)
  • +12dB fader gain if you want it (but how does that behave on an iD controlled system, I can’t tell)
  • Channel EQ now has additional HC/LC filters (so effectively it has 6 bands instead of 4)
  • Size of sends is better now, easier to grab those faders.
  • Channel editor now shows signal flow (destination faders)
  • Steinberg plugs now offer shortcuts to the automation lanes in the project page.
  • Steinberg plugs now have A/B funtionality

What I don’t like so far:

  • Control room mixer offers no new functionality but completely new gui. What a waste.


I’m with you.

Yeap, agree with all the above (besides the control room which I don’t use as much) there are many things I like as well besides the ones mentioned, fully customisable mixer, great metering (i.e. master meters, loudness etc as well as channel strip compressor meters now show in meterbridge).

If the mixconsole bugs are worked out and the mix gui becomes less sluggish when resizing or expanding channel strips, inserts, scrolling etc, I think Steinberg have got themselves a winner

Oh and 4x on the ASIO guard is not enough.
Maybe we should be able to customise it and select 8x or even 16x besides the 4x.
On a project with hundreds of channels and plugins where real time recording of soft synths for example is needed at 32/64 samples, 128/256 is not enough to avoid clicks etc.

Yes ! I’m on the Cubase demo as well, trying to get ready for Nuendo 6. I’ve noticed the dropouts when trying to export a 600 notes passage with Kontakt on a core 2 duo laptop.

Other than this and some odd “novelties” that makes me wonder why did they changed it, I like most of what I saw.