Things I miss about the desktop version on dorico iPad

Things I miss about the desktop version on dorico iPad

-Create and edit music, text and image frames.
-export selection of pages in pdf
-create ossia staves

  • in general more engrave mode tools

Dorico for iPad currently has similar levels of functionality to Dorico Elements on the desktop. We certainly haven’t ruled out adding more of Dorico Pro’s features to the iPad version at some point, but we don’t have any immediate plans in that direction.

For the free version I certainly wouldn’t expect dorico pro features, but being a dorico ipad subscriber and having the desktop pro version certainly makes me miss a lot of features. I feel that the subscription falls a little short of the extra features it offers, I am definitely not claiming anything Daniel, the truth is a great job you do with this software and that is why many of us choose you over the competition. Thanks again for responding, the support you offer to users is something I really like.

As I recall, Daniel has said that a more capable (Pro Level?) version of the iPad version might someday be available at a higher subscription rate. Doubtless the Dorico Team would wait to see the level of subscriptions they get on the current versions of Dorico for iPad and judge how much the iPad version could compromise purchases of the desktop versions.