Things i would need in Dorico


being a long time Finale (over 20 Years) user Dorico looks very promising.

I work mostly in Band / Jazz situations.
Therefore i need the following thing to be implemented in Dorico:

  • Chord Symbols, flexible and powerful please
  • Slash notation, also flexible and powerful please
  • Kicks over time, also flexible and powerful please
    . Mixed Notation,
  • Jazz articulations
  • And komplete in depth integration in Cubase please !!!

Here a few examples for what i need, these are essential for my work.
Dorico request 1.jpg
Dorico request 2.jpg

Thanks for taking the time to make your post, paulpaul. We will be working on many of these areas in the coming months.

PaulPaul, is it you?

:sunglasses: Yes. it’s me!