Things not staying in place

Hi all,

sometimes when I edit something, other things move.
Right now, for instance, I flipped a tie going from bar 6–7 on a system. Suddenly the Tempo mark in bar 1 of the system moved down. Not reproducable, not undoable.
Another case: locked the systems of one full left hand page in a part. The spacing of the next page’s first system changed, even though there is a frame break on the start of the page. This is undoable and reproducable though.

Is there something I can do to avoid this?

These kinds of issues typically arise when there is a problem of some kind with the profile that Dorico builds up above and below the staff for collision avoidance. The problems typically arise from tiny fragments of items that graphically differ from their rhythmic span, and they arise only with specific editing operations performed in a particular order, so they can be very difficult to reproduce.

Typically you should find that saving, closing and reopening the project sorts it out. If you come up with any reproducible cases, we can normally find and fix the problem, but without a reproducible case there’s not a lot we can do.

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