Things that I would love to see

  1. Wavelab in surround/multichannel (not audio montage)
  2. Wavelab’s measurement tools as a realtime measurement “plugin” for Nuendo
    2b. …in surround
  3. Default save/open/file operations dialog boxes on macOS - ALWAYS as default

Are you mad? Surround file editing, surround metering … in 2018? No way … stick to mono and stereo files, computers cannot handle such tasks - you’re dreaming. What’s next? Asking for Ambisonic channels, third order, binaural functions? Please come down. CDs were just invented, go burn some.

I used to love sarcasm, back when it was funny.

Note that the latest update 9.5.30 has explicit fixes for working with the Ambisonic VSTs I use in the montage. Not the update we’re waiting for, to be sure, but a clear recognition that people do need to be able to work in surround in more ways than just 5.1.

o Audiomontage: editing the envelope of a track (e.g. volume), press&hold left mouse button should generate a vertical line at mouse pointer tip to help align envelope over several tracks
o spectralizer plugin in 64-bit really missing
o report function for track info, notes, used plugins and parameter setting per track/clip export as text file for documentation reason