Things that we need on Nuendo

Hi. I Use nuendo since V1 and almost never posted here anything. I’ve always used nuendo because, i always felt that nuendo was always ahead of the competition. But i stoped feeling this in this last versions. Here are some features that i think Nuendo Need:

  • Multi-Mono Inserts on Stereo Tracks
  • Export Tracks, groups an Aux according to your specificity( If its mono, export in mono, if is stereo, export in stereo)
  • Folders on the Mixer
  • Able to insert plugins on folders
  • Able to Freeze Groups and Aux the same way has tracks.
    Thank You

I hardly dare to say it, but this reads like a ProTools feature list. :flushed:

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So let’s add clip gain and the reorganization of tracks and directories in the Mixconsole! Two major handicaps.


I know that this is your pet issue ;-), but to be honest, I would take the features mentioned in the initial post above clip gain improvements any day.


It’s an addition, not a competition. Cats don’t get in the way of dogs.

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I don’t use pro tools, but some of these features came on studio one way before protools.

Everything makes sense.
With the exception of plugins on folders. This is just a graphical summary.

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I guess it just means these are actually a mix of “Folders” and “Group tracks”. Since those types of folders function as a group in terms of signal flow we’d be able to use plugins ‘on’ them. You’ve probably already seen the thread about it.

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To my mind, as @THambrecht says, the groups do the work and it’s their job. I don’t see why Folders would do that, as they’re just filing cabinets. In a pinch, I’d add routing functions that would affect all the tracks concerned on request, but nothing more. Otherwise you’d get lost.

@cmbourget You don’t work a lot with other DAWs, do you? There are many new workflow concepts that may sound unfamiliar, but make perfect sense once you grasp the idea. :wink:

EDIT: Just to make it perfectly clear: Personally, I’m still in favour of fixing decade-old omissions rather than adding new features.

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I work with Nuendo (Cubase before), Pro Tools (I learned with Pro Tools), Samplitude-Sequoia and, secondarily, with Studio One and Reaper, then a little with Pyramix. But I don’t know them all. And my dream would be to use just one and know nothing but that one. That would be enough to work well. On a desert island, that would be Pro Tools.

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Guys, the idea of ​​this post would be to give constructive ideas, not to start a discussion. Put your ideas here, not your egos and let’s keep this post healthy, please.

  1. Option to hide the top title bar like we can the menu bar.
    If this isnt possible due to conventions then I see other programs are able to half the height of the men bar, and possibly the title bar. The title and Nuendo/version could go on the right side of the menu bar.

  2. Import Expression maps along with track archives and presets.

  3. Resizable, detachable Expression map window with clickable keyswitches.

  4. Per Articulation Delay

  5. Remote Keymap switching app (iOS, Android) with articulation name sync. Ideally some way of transmitting the name to TouchOsc.

  6. Ability to change Project folder in the Save As dialog and option to create new folder, move media. Like Reaper.

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  1. A one click ‘Paste Fill’ function for filling gaps between DX files in a scene.
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It’s not always easy, but okay.

That said, there are already many, many requests for our needs in Nuendo, with the appropriate tag. Plenty of unanswered prayers, in fact, if you counted them.

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I only use folders for record ready, to enable/disable audio tracks but it is very cumbersome.

A nicer way to do this I think would be to have global Record Ready and Input Select buttons where global mute/solo is.

I am a mixer. In large mixes the folders would help me to speed up my work flow and better organize my mix.

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Try “back up Project”. It does this. Just has a weird name.