Things to make transitioning to new Cubase versions easier

This thread isn’t about the changes to how Cubase functions in different versions (e.g. differences in feature sets, or GUI changes). Rather it is about improving the experience of upgrading to a new version.

It was prompted by this thread
where peakae suggested that the PDF’s of manuals be included as content in the Download Manager.

When a new version comes out there is often a period where I’ll often have both the old and new versions open at the same time to compare settings and whatnot. It would be super helpful if Steinberg gave us some visual cues to tell which version is which. Previously they would slightly modify icons between versions. But the icons for 9.5 & 10 are identical so you can’t tell by that.

Similarly the Title Bars on both versions only say "Cubase Pro’ (or whatever you have). It would be both pretty easy and also truly useful to tack the version number on the end of that. Yeah, I can see the version from Help, but why not make it easy.

Also I suspect the folks who have problems with settings transferring to new versions have some ideas.

Last I want to point out how useful the Halion Library Manager is when upgrading. We need more of stuff like that.

+1 Agreed + those .pdf maunuals.

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+1 :slight_smile:

How about a “Whats new” PDF every major release?

  • Steiny could put all the new manual additions into a seperate PDF - this would surely simplify things for transitions to new numbers and also cause a whole lot less questions in the forum? :wink: - Its basically no extra work too;)