Things you hear at the office...

This is a duplicate of what I posted earlier on Facebook, so my apologies to Lenny, Dylan, and the rest of you.

I was in a meeting with an internal recruiter here at work and the discussion turned to music. He told me that he used to tour with Tito Puente on sax and flute.



While it could have been baloney, he certainly talked the talk. Now I have to wait for him to send me some samples of his work to see if he walks the walk too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool! :sunglasses:
What’s his name? I guess you must be able to find it on the internet if he toured with Tito.

It’s a west coast thing, perhaps? Greg Rolie, the dude who played organ with Santana is originally from this area and he sat in on a gig I had back in the day. What really becomes interesting to learn about folks who have some sort of musical notoriety and rep actually turn out to be just ordinary people like you and me (sort of) - the difference being they had the fortune of getting a break on some good luck. Not trying to take anything away from Greg Rolie as a player and artist, but… he also was kind of a strange-looking dude, in a ‘Wolfman Jack,’ big hair kind of way - but it WAS the 70’s, so… that might have had something to do with it.

What I remember most about him was not so much his chops, but rather, his car. Back in the early 70’s, he was rolling a Jensen Interceptor. Okay, so maybe they ARE kind of different. :laughing:

Here is a preview of the 2012 Jensen Interceptor:

It’s the kind of gig-mobile that’ll get you noticed … right Tony? :wink:

Ya, but Tony, get them to show you where the fuses go! :laughing:


I don’t think a Jensen Interceptor has the payload capacity to haul my full rig. Besides, at my age, I think I’m past the ‘Roger Ramjet car’ (as my ex-girlfriend jokingly used to refer to them) stage. :laughing:

Maybe if you checked out photos of Tito Puente on the interweb it might jog the memory as in, “Hey, that WAS the dude I jammed with.” I had relatives who live in Stockton claim they had jammed with Tito Puente and his niece (?) Sheila Escovedo (Sheila E.). Just ordinary musicians trying to stay busy by getting out there and playing because that’s what they love to do.

Rich Mancini.

I can’t find him in Google, but he’s been here for over 10 years so I don’t know exactly when he toured with him. Rich isn’t exactly a spring chicken. :laughing:

This guy lives down the street.

from wikipedia

A short list of musicians with whom Gadd has worked include Paul McCartney, Paul Simon, Steely Dan, Al Jarreau, Joe Cocker, Stuff, Bob James, Chick Corea, Eric Clapton, Pino Daniele, James Taylor, Jim Croce, Eddie Gomez, The Manhattan Transfer, Michal Urbaniak, Steps Ahead, Al Di Meola, Manhattan Jazz Quintet, Carly Simon, Richard Tee, Jon Bon Jovi, Chet Baker, Paul Desmond, The Bee Gees, and Michael McDonald

The only time we’ve talked is when walking our dogs. We talked about dogs. Then another neighbor told me he’s some kind of famous musician so I googled him.

Wasn’t Steve Gadd the drummer on the title track of Steely Dan’s Aja?

Edit: yes he was.

You’re kidding!?! He’s one of the greatest drummers!!! :sunglasses:

Next time you meet him ask him if he’s interested in doing a collab… :wink:


“Badd” Steve Gadd is an amazing drummer.

What about the playing with Tito Puente is hard to believe. I toured with The Coasters back when and that means nothing. I saw Tito at Keystone Korner in North Beach several times. Lots of traveling bands get pick up musicians to do a west coast or east coast part of a tour.

Sometimes while walking the dogs I’ve seen a couple of really nice cars parked out front and wondered who was visiting. Before I knew who is dad was I heard his son banging on a kit in the garage. Stopped and commented that I thought he was really good and it was rare to find parents that would raise a drummer. :laughing:

Gadd is a giant

And I’m pretty sure Tito lived in SoCal for many years (my friend percussionist Brad Dutz knew him)