Think I made a boo boo

I have cubase Artist 12 and just purchased Spectral Layers Pro. I can’t open it as I have an error code telling me I don’t have a license for the program.
Two questions:
Can I have a refund?
Should I purchase Spectral Layers 10?
In the meantime, Spectral Layers Pro is just sitting on my desktop looking at me - weird!

Did you activate Spectralayers in the Activation Manager?
Is the Spectralayers license shown in your Steinberg online profile?

Hi Juergen,
I tried to activate the program in the Activation Manager without success.
I can’t see anything in my Steinberg online profile except the trial version that has expired

That is strange.

Together with the receipt of your purchase you should have a Download Access Code. Did you enter that in the Download Assistant?

That should add the product to your account and make it available for activation

Thanks Juergen,

I tried everything you suggested but still nothing - it’s looking for a licence. I’ve used Cubase for the last 8-9 years with no problems.
This is the first time I’ve had difficulty!

I’m sorry to hear, so I guess someone from Steinberg has to take care here.

What happens when you enter your Download Access Code ? Can you do a screenshot ?

Thanks for your help Juergen.

Here’s a screenshot Robin

Ah, this message tells that you bought an upgrade to some product release you don’t have.

What product are you trying to upgrade?

I upgraded from Cubase 11 to Cubase Artist 12 last year and now I’m trying to upgrade Spectral Layers 10

Ok, but you need a previous release of SpectraLayers to do an upgrade here.

The included release in Cubase is SpectraLayer One, which can’t be upgraded. In this case you probably need a full release, instead of an upgrade.

Ah - that would make sense!!! :no_mouth:
I’ll approach the maker for a refund to put forward to the cost of a full release!
Many thanks for your help Juergen :+1:

You’re welcome…