think Nuendo 11 is around the corner with cubase 11?

have a feeling that N11 will released close to C11 release this time,around mid november or Dec

I don’t think this has ever been the case…

it wasn’t indeed, but steinberg said they will try to make cubase new features into nuendo close/fast as possible to align releases, and it’s been awhile since nuendo got paid update (covid etc…) but its just my assumption

I hope they will release N11 when it will be really, very, absolutely ready.

This is true that they stated they would try to align releases more, but there’s some thread back then that indicated this would take time, and there will still be some gap. But hopefully the gap will be reduced. My guess is still the Spring though, or 2-4 months after Cubase 11 is released at the earliest. And with covid, who knows how that impacted their dev schedule. But I’m crossing fingers.

i think they “missed” and postpone the release of N11 cuz of covid and they came up with big free update 10.3 with C10.5 new features.
but i may completely wrong about it,but i think it’s gonna be closer release to cubase than ever.

I’m happy with just fixing 10.3 bugs for now…

So true !

I’m hoping for a tool that will show how much money you can make with the song in the lower right corner.
Then you can optimize the tracks and the mix according to the financial success

lol… that was pretty funny!

hope they will put it in the High left or right corners ,it might reflects for higher income

I swithed to Nuendo thinking it would stay more current like Cubase,that was the initial impression we where giving,that being said,I might go back to Cubase, because most of the new features, do not make their way into Nuendo for another year or more it seems,and after owning Nuendo for 2 years, I find that I primarily use features already found in Cubase, the conforming I’d thought I use, I don’t use a third party app for that and even the bugs seem to take longer to fix in Nuendo, I wish they would just make one great program and forget this dual app stuff

I love this idea!! :grinning::smiley::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grin::laughing::sweat_smile::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

I don´t care about an 11 version. Sorry, but I am still p…sed how Steinberg in 2020 still does not support 4k monitors via HDPMI under Win10 correctly.It’s disappointing to see Steinberg´s software quality sacrificed for sometimes ridiculous DAW gimmicks just to get a few more artist wannebees as Cubase- licensees with all the negative impact for Nuendo users.

I hope this is dealt with too. With Windows display scaling, things are the right size in Nuendo/Cubase but totally blurry; with it off and Nuendo/Cubase HiDPI enabled, it looks good but then the rest of your whole machine/every other app is tiny.

(It could be worse, like Blackmagic’s Resolve, which double-scales so everything looks like Matel’s My First NLE…)

Cubase 11 is out. No news of Nuendo so far.

Probably this topic has been discussed before but…I really don’t understand this: why don’t Nuendo users have access to use Cubase?? It is a fact that Nuendo = Cubase + additional features. Nuendo is like “Cubase Pro Pro”.

well its cubases release date,i wouldn’t expect nuendo to be released today !!
but maybe in few weeks ?

Probably in February or March as the previous time

I think Nuendo deserve these new features

actually they always say ( it take time so it will be more stable )

but after 10.3 D: I saw many of people not satisfied with stability or how some these features have been implemented.

I hope we hear some news very soon