Think you have the PERFECT PC setup? Post here...


If you think that you have the perfect PC setup, or one that is VERY stable and ROCK solid, post your specs here.
Please be as detailed as possible.

  • Cubase 6 version:
  • Windows 7 version:
  • Win 32 or 64bits:
  • Processor:
  • Motherboard (Brand and model):
  • Video card (Brand and model):
  • Ram (Brand and model):
  • HDD ((Brand and model):
  • UAD’s ? :
  • SoundCard:

I know that there is no perfect system because of all the variations of components into it.
But it’s great to gather all these specs as a good reference.


Do Laptops count?

see sig :slight_smile:

  • Cubase 6 version: 6.0.5
  • Windows 7 version: Professional
  • Win 32 or 64bits: 64
  • Processor: i7 x 2.67gHz
  • Motherboard (Brand and model): Abit AI7
  • Video card (Brand and model): Nvidia GEForce 9600 gso
  • Ram (Brand and model): 12gig Corsair Dominator
  • HDD ((Brand and model): Hitachi / Samsung x 2 / W Digital
  • UAD’s ? :
  • SoundCard: Emu 1212m @ 44.1/16

I’m running a 4 year old system (in my sig)and other than my geek lust over taking me I have no reason to change. Every time I try to come up with an excuse to build a new system I can’t come up with one because it runs rock solid.

iMac with windows 7 , solid here

the sh*t :slight_smile:

Anyone else would like to share their setup PC recipe?

If you start a topic called “Think you have the weakest, setup ever? Post here…”
I will be sure to give you a reply. I think I’ll win for having the lowest RAM and slowest processer on the market! :blush: :stuck_out_tongue:

see my sig, it’s been giving me great service day on day out here for nearly 2 years now I’d say. The x58 chipset has been a very good DAW platform. The gigabyte MOBO’s have T.I. firewire which along with triple channel memory and high spec components have made the basis for a great,stable DAW here.


Ha! Good idea. I’ve just changed from an old AMD dual core processor (great, stable machine but not very powerful), but I’ve also got Cubase 6 on an Asus netbook! Atom 330 - beat that!


Any users here using a dual CPU Xeon- based Windows system?
Please let us know your experiences.

Thanks a lot.


I’ve used a dual Xeon system for around 4 years. Works really well, with Hyperthreading on, in spite of what Steinberg used to say. :wink: