Thinking about buying Wavelab

Thinking about buying Wavelab. Is it good for mastering individual songs? Compared to ozone?

Wavelab is a DAW. Ozone is an “all in one” mastering application. They are two different things.

Wavelab is not a DAW is it ? Cubase is a DAW. Wavelab is an editing app right? But how is it for mastering? I thought it could also be used as an all on one mastering app?

It is a DAW because you can record and playback. I have been on WL since version 1.6.2 and it is getting better all the time. I use it for mastering, restoration, audio cleanup and as a recording app for 2 channel recordings. If you want to use it for mastering you probably could not find a better app. The one thing to note is that WL comes with a lot of plugins but if you are doing a lot of mastering you may want to invest in some additional plugins. Best of LUCK!

Thanks for the extra information. So with its default plugins is it as good as ozone?

It’s better than Ozone if you’re looking for mastering focused features for mastering singles, EPs, and albums. Ozone is fine for processing one song at a time but not much beyond that.

Ozone is more for quick song processing and quick mastering and YES you can use it for mastering but once you start doing “real” mastering you will want to get into more professional plugin like these . I like OZONE for certain things but I do mostly classical, Jazz and acoustic music and I find OZONE a bit too “heavy handed” some times. Also WL has a lot of features that are lacking in OZONE. YMMV.

IMO, Ozone is more useful as a plugin suite for use inside of a DAW (e.g. WL), than it is as a standalone app. Ozone is no substitute for a real DAW.

Agreed. I have Ozone 9 Advanced which allows me to use certain individual models of Ozone 9 as plugins within the Audio Montage of WaveLab which I find to be useful.

I have never worked on a song inside the Ozone Standalone app. It’s far too limited for serious work in my opinion.

I bought it on sale last month. Do not regret it one bit, it took awhile to wrap my head around it(watch Justin’s YT vids!) but it delivers stellar results once you get a handle on it. I have S1 Pro, and the Project/Mastering page there is like a Fisher Price toy compared to WL Pro.

Agreed. I tried to use S1 for one semester of teaching Mastering at a tech school because that’s what the previous instructor had chosen. I had to convince the school to get WaveLab for all the workstations.

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