Thinking about making things simpler

Unlike Native Access and Arturia Software Center which I open regularly to check if I have updates for their products, I am in no way inclined to do this with Steinberg Download Assistant. Did it this morning and was surprised to see some product updates. Perhaps these had been there for several weeks?..

It comes to my mind this thought: Why do things simply when you can make them complicated? Sometimes I wonder if this is not a motto at Steinebrg…

Download Assistant, Activation Manager, eLicenser and Library Manager. Hmm, I forgot MySteinberg which is the most important, because it’s my Steinberg account.

A new user of Steinberg products, let’s say he buys his first product which is Cubase, will surely be a little confused in front of so many tools to manage this single product. Is not it?

Couldn’t Download Assistant, Activation Manager be combined to form a single tool?

Well, I understand that it is impossible concerning eLicenser which is a system called to disappear at least for all the new products and certain old products which can migrate towards the new system. However, it will still be needed for products that will never migrate.

Has Steinberg ever thought about making things simpler and is it possible to do so?

OK! All this to say that I don’t like this Download Assistant tool. Am I the only one?


They have responded to this, Steinberg Download Assistant? Steinberg Activation Manager? LIbrary Manager? More is more? - #2 by Ben_at_Steinberg


Also steinberg download assistant dosn’t work on my PC, waiting 'authorization of mozilla". i have asked to support who answered me : the solution is to not use download assistant…

You are not the only one. Of course, this state of affairs is due to the longevity of Cubase and the number of changes made to these tools over the years. They probably would have like to have a “clean slate” approach at some point but that may have been impossible with so many people using different versions.

I recently tried to update to 12.0.52 and nothing seemed to work. It seems that my eLicenser software was too old! That took a while to troubleshoot.

The other issue for me is knowing what content to download since I only use Cubase as a recording studio and don’t use loops but do use synths. The Download Assistant could be made clearer. Still, it is a great program and these issues crop up only occasionally.

I hope they get it sorted soon,

you are not the only for sure :wink:,
SDA needs a major remake in concept
i had a topic(FR and a rant about SDA) that merged to this topic