Thinking about the update..... I feel scared.

This is fairly ridiculous… A top-tier company releases an “update” and I’m scared to use it. What’s wrong with the modern software companies? It’s not just Steinberg… it’s everyone with a few exceptions.

6.0.3 should be as solid as 6.0.2 but according to user reports on this forum, it’s not worth the risk. Shameful.

Some users here also report problems, no one can confirm, and according to user reports on some other forums, Neumann, AKG, Shure manufacture crap microphones… Welcome to the internet…
If you don´t want to update, don´t do it - simple…

Joe, just do it, mate. My bet is that those with problems are in the minority.

And don’t forget to re-enable Steinberg Audio Power.

And if he was a Mac user, he definitely would be part of this minority.

I always knew Mac wasn’t the way to go. :wink:

Hi SoundsLikeJoe -

Have a read through this:

Oh, and I think so too.

Pull yourself together, get a grip man, are you a man or a mouse? just do it.

Look around fellas… this is a beta release. I bet $50 that 6.0.4 will be released by or before September to correct a majority of the problems with 6.0.3… and apparently there are quite a few to fix.


Once you have paying customers with contracts and deadlines, it’s better to look like a coward to some dude on a forum than to look like a fool in the eyes of people who write you checks.

Be afraid… and keep working in a stable environment. The real update will be released soon… after all the beta-wanking is resolved.

I 100% agree with everything you’ve said, my friend. What about us paying customers of Steinberg that are still using our old versions of Cubase due to the problems with C6?!?! That doesn’t seem fair either!!!

Since finishing my project, I’ve updated with few problems. I have encountered a few goofy things but no crashing as others report. It’s only been a few days but definitely not a bad update. I still recommend people wait to complete gigs before they apply updates.

I really have no idea what people do to get all these problems with cubase updates. I’ve never once had any issue with the software itself since SX2, the only problems I’ve had were because of badly installed/configured plugins that were quickly resolved by just stopping to think and making sure that everything was installed as cleanly as possible. I’m sure someone will come back with “you’ve just been lucky” but there’s no such thing as luck when it comes to computer system stability. People need to just become more aware of what they need to do to get their systems ready for actual hard work and stop playing games and downloading porn onto their DAWs :smiley:

That’s a little pompous. Perhaps your music projects just aren’t that demanding? For instance, my last gig was a feature film score. In practically every project I used more than 100 tracks of various combinations of sample based instruments and real session players.

The post-production audio had nearly 60 tracks of just dialog and a total of 173 tracks with 7 aux buses. All running plugins. These types of projects demand serious care and can crash with one poorly implemented “New Feature.”

*** BTW ***
Cubase 64bit just froze on exit. This wasn’t happening in 6.02. Just another example of what can happen with poorly tested updates. 6.04 will be here soon, without new features, and a more stable program.

Even though your post doesn’t deserve a response I will respond anyhow. Do you really think all these issues, many of which are confirmed bugs are only effecting people because they don’t know how to maintain their PC?? That is a ridiculous assumption. I, like you, am one of the one’s that has had very little issue with Cubase overall - though I have had some issues. I run pretty darn complex projects too and I also don’t use my DAW for anything other than music production. I have a general use machine running Ubuntu 10.04 for internet and every other program usage I need.

That aside, if dozens of people say a certain new issue is occurring in the 6.03 update that didn’t occur in the 6.02 update it is not because of their poorly managed machines or lack of technical knowledge. Steinberg has even acknowledged a few of the new issues even apologizing for one I can currently recall - the grid overlay drawing issue (sorry if I named it wrong as I don’t use transparent events). It’s not effected me since the first thing I did was turn it off but it has effected many others on both PC and Mac platforms. I’ve been recently working on finishing a song in SX3 so I personally haven’t gotten any time in with 6.03 other than to load and play one of my other songs I’ve completed in 6.02 - everything went fine. However, in about 2-3 weeks I am starting my albums 11th track in 6.03 and will see how it goes - kinda worried.


My last project had 126 tracks in it, and a god awful mix of very VERY old and brand new plugins which still baffles me as to how it even loads up. I record live gigs and bands with up to 64 channels, that’s pretty demanding to me, and I’ve never once had a crash/freeze in the middle of a job. As long as your hardware is selected to work well together, your installs and paths are organized and your registry is clean, you should have no problems.

I’ve been running the same session in 6.03 for the past 30 hours (the project is a full length (57minutes) album and has 17 guitar/bass tracks, 31 instrument tracks running VSTs from as far back as 2001, 32 MIDI tracks routed to 2 hardware workstations, 11 channels of a live drumkit, DFHS, Superior 2.0 and BFD 8bit and 9 tracks of vocals, not to mention I have jBridge loaded up to hell and back and in total the project is eating up close to 11gb of ram) and I have had 0 issues.

I’m sorry if people don’t like it when they read about someone NOT having problems with software, but I firmly believe that knowing how to fine tune your system and limiting what garbage you throw into it is the key to stability.

I’m not even gonna bother with the “I have this many tracks” nonsense. But don’t you see the pages of people having real problems with C6? Some of which are deep and somewhat complicated bugs? These aren’t amateur users or questions! From SX3 to C4, C5, I had very little to no problems at all. C6 seems to have some flaws that a large number of users are encountering, and I doubt it is because NONE of us know how to “finely tune” our systems.

No that’s not it. We don’t like it when someone comes in with an arrogant pompous attitude spewing ridiculous nonsense blaming the entire user base. You never addressed what I said - what about Steinberg’s confirmation of the issues and even an apology? What about the Bug Base thread?? Is that all made up nonsense? Why would Steinberg even release updates with bug fixes if it’s all the users computers? Just drop it dude, you aren’t going to win this one and will only continue to paint yourself in a poor light.