Thinking of 7.5.30 now that Hub fixed, but ...

  1. … but was the Hub issue the only issue that went awry? Or were there some “De-improvements” that came along with the update’s improvements?

I’ve read many existing posts about “(Insert problem here) with 7.5.30 update!”, but TBH it is confusing keeping track of what was user error vs. actual problems with the update. Couldn’t find an official-type thread addressing this, sorry if I missed it.

  1. It’s very confusing reading all about the various ways that people had to update from 7.5.20 to 7.5.30. The announcement at the top of this page didn’t give a step by step “repro”, LOL … is there an official Steinberg, “Here’s how to update from 7.5.20 to 7.5.30” page, ideally with illustrations of the screen saves at each step?

“Just run the patch” , I have found, may or may not be as problem free as it sounds …

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There will be a chance that you are unfortunate, but being here often on the forum, i have noticed very few complaints about 7.5.30. It is working just fine.
By far the most things that are reported are system specific problems. So even collected issues are most of the time not present in your of my system. Example is the hub issue. For me that hub was working all the time (i guess) and i never crashed on it.

Jut try it. It is free. And even if it gives you issues, just roll back the system to the previous version with system restore. You are on windows, so there is no reason for not checking it.

And yes, before i forget, for me there was indeed an issue. I had to rescan the mediabay since the installer went berzerk on the groove agent 4 vstsounds. Something was changed in the library with the new groove agent. Once the scan was done, everything went fine.

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DIdn’t realize it was that easy to back out of any problems … I can do that … thanks, roel!

I’ve noticed a few oddities but nothing major. Like today my keypad 1 and keypad 2 shortcuts stopped working. I could foward/rewind with +/-, loop worked, record worked, but none of the locators worked (1 - 9 keys). After locating with the mouse and a couple of other mouse operations over 5 seconds or so they started working again. Never had that before! Also I’ve still got the giant wide VU meters problem on some project that I open.


It seems that it was much more problematic on OSX. It was unusable for me.

yeah… apple… :mrgreen:

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[*]Feel free to enable mtc sync, a feature that any professional studio needs. Looping a section causes a slow memory leak of sorts, meaning the more you leave it looping, the more the performance meter creeps up, until it eventually is unable. A reset of the software fixes the prob. I think this is a win problem

The Cubase moderator in the Gearslutz forum said in response to a question about when 7.5.40 would be released that

… we are trying to include as many bug fixes (he was referring to 7.5.40) as time allows, but also asure it goes through a complete QA cycle. …

Can someone from Steinberg say whether that list of bugs includes anything not on the “collected issues” ( ) list?


Also, specifically, does it address the Free Warp bug ( Steinberg Forums )?

I’m on 7.5.20 now … have been away from DAW for some time and so now would be a good time to update if I were going to … knowing these things would help me decide whether to stay and wait for 7.5.40, or upgdate to 7.5.30 now.