Thinking of adding a second UR824 but...

I am thinking of adding a second UR824 to my setup but I can’t seem to find any solid information about the benefits of having the second unit other than the addition of 8 analogue inputs. I have found a few posts now on how to go about setting both units up, although vague regarding this subject. Can someone who is running, or has knowledge of this setup please confirm what functionality of the second unit is maintained and what is lost, in both the dspMixFX and Cubase. Such as:

Do you get a total of 16 input channels with Channel Strip simultaneously?
Can direct monitoring be used on all 16 input channels simultaneously?
Can the second unit’s 8 analogue outputs be used?
Can the second unit’s headphone outputs also be used?
I remember reading somewhere that the second unit’s REV-X can not be used, but perhaps someone can confirm this for me?

If the only benefit of the second unit is simply the addition of the 8 analogue inputs and nothing else I think I would consider just getting an adat preamp such as those made by Focusrite. Any thoughts on these units?

Thanks, any advice would be appreciated.

Hi Swillie

I’m not sure about the addition of another UR 824 as far as what you get but I do know that many guys have been successful with it, ie it works!!! I would imagine you would get the channel strip on all 16 channels, not sure about the outputs though. I use a Focusrite Octopre which adds 8 channels, nice preamps, works perfectly use it for drums mainly.

Best Regards


Funny, I use exact the same setting

Thanks for your response Dave. I am also thinking of going with the OctoPre and save a bit of cash, but it would be great to find out exactly what the benefits are (if any) by going with a second UR824. I’m hoping someone using two UR824’s will take the time to respond. Thanks again.