Thinking of buying a new MacBook pro - is cubase pro optimised for multicores

Am thinking of upgrading to like a 6 or 8 core MacBook pro - are there noticeable differences when using with cubase ? it would still be a 16 gb - wondering if id notice improved something or other with 32 gbs too? Cubase is already super snappy for me so not sure whether its needed?

Reading the Steinberg setup page, it seems that 6 core is a good thing (and using the multithread option) and higher core counts are good but not with multithread. Someone else may read things differently?

I guess everything counts on the entire build. I run a dual Xeon setup with 16 cores and 32 threads. Some claimed the system would bottleneck, but I have never experinced it - rather the contrary. I run projects with thousands of tracks and I have never had a single hick-up.