Thinking of buying a uke and a mandolin...advice?

I’m thinking of buying a relatively inexpensive ukelele and mandolin. They will eventually find their way onto tracks so nothing that’s so poorly made that they will be unusable.

Other than that I know nothing about what I should look for in an entry-level model of both. Advice?

Aloha L,

Lots 'o nice ukes (pronounced ‘ooks’ or ‘ookalele’) here.

If you can wait a day or so I will ask some ‘of the bradahs’.

As with any acoustic stringed instrument you would look for:

1- Tone. If it does not sound good. nothing else really matters.

2-Intonation. Does if play in tune all over the fretboard.

3-Set-up. How easy is it to play?

I have played (and I own) instruments that sound great
but are very difficult to play. (strings way off the fretboard)

Yet on the other hand I have some axes (BC Rich) that are as smooth
as silk to play but sound like pure crap.

I you can give me day or so and I’ll get back to you on this.

Good luck!

Do you play? Or are you learning?

I have a mando if you want it. You’ll have to come and get it.

Deal. I don’t know when I’ll be able to make it to West Chester but we’re looooooong overdue for a beer anyway.

Ask this guy:

Thinking of buying a uke and a mandolin…advice?

Yeah - don’t.


When I first read that topic line I was going to suggest he kill himself, but mandolin is cool! There is still hope! :stuck_out_tongue:

OK, so it’s not a mandolin, or a uke, nor is it a banjo, but ya just gotta check it out…
The Pignose Guitar!

You guys have it all wrong.

A uke could be used as a sopranino nylon string guitar, and a mandolin like a soprano 12-string. :wink:

I was thinking more along the lines of a uke being used as a sound effect of a crying baby T-Rex, and a mandolin being used in place of a glass at a Jewish wedding.



We keep smashing some at weddings, so I guess not…

Tough crowd in here tonight. :stuck_out_tongue:

Better than the opposite! :wink:

Oy Vey!

Aloha Larry,

I spoke with several uke players here and here is what I was told:

1-Luna Guitars (they make ukes) Is the name that came up the most.
2-Any model from about $100.00 and up should be suitable
for recording.

Found some of their stuff at ‘Musicians Friend’

Here is a link:


Following this with some interest, my sister is looking at buying a new Ukelele as well :slight_smile:.

This is where you’re headed Larry… it’d be a good look for you too!


Where do you find that stuff, Robin. :laughing:

Tiny Tim was the master of his art.

He inspired me to take up the kazoo.


Meet him once.
He was nothing like his ‘public image’.
Quiet and a kinda shy guy.