Thinking of swapping MR816csx of UR824 should I :)

Was going to post in hardware section but thought I’d get more reads here hope no one minds.

I have been using the MR816csx for a couple of years. Had a few issue when I switched to C7 but those are cleared up now w/new firmware/driver and ysfwutility. I have gotten a new laptop w/o firewire and I’m thinking of selling MR and replacing with UR824. I basically would like to use the same interface on both desktop and laptop in conjunction w/my Motu 8pre as optical interface.

  1. Will MR and UR be comparable in latency
  2. Are the drivers etc stable on the newer UR series (anyone having issue?)
  3. Is there anything anyone can share to help me sort out best interface options?

Was looking at an Universal Audio Apollo but again couldn’t use on laptop :frowning:

For me, the UR had more latency. I missed my CSX after getting the UR 822. But if you don’t have firewire, what can you do?

I still use mr816 on desktop and have a Motu audio express on laptop. I guess it might. Be a step back if latency is worse :frowning:

maybe not a step back, but not really an upgrade. If you want low latency, look into the RME UFX or UCX. It’s both firewire and USB.