Thinking of switching from Logic to Cubase

I’m checking out a demo of cubase as Logic has become too unstable to use. Cubase does look great and I’m increasingly tempted to move over. Is there a way to polyphonically audition notes in the midi editor? Like if I’m writing a chord with the mouse, is there a way I can hear the whole chord by clicking on the notes? I couldn’t find a way to do this. It could be a bit of a show stopper if you can’t as I compose everything in this window. I really need to be able to hear a chord when I write it in.

Thanks for any help.

Yes. cmd/ctrl-click on one of the notes in the chord.

Awesome thank you!

jump ship and join the Cubase fleet. Like any DAW the more you learn, the more potential is revealed. There is no perfect DAW but cubase comes very close.

Thanks for the encouragement. I’ve been using Pro Tools and Logic for 15 years, but I surprisingly found Cubase very intuitive trying out the demo. It’s clear to me the Cubase has all the features I’ll ever need for mixing. But I need to set up a big mix with a lot of plugins and see how it performs CPU wise compared to Logic (which despite the instability of recent versions is still very CPU efficient).

I moved from Logic, and love Cubase.

And i’d like to add that there’s far better tools for creating/trying out chords than clicking the piano roll - you have the chord inserts on the left sidebar, plus chord track, and chord pads gives you a load of compositional tools that dynamically shift based on context of previous/next chords.

After coming from Logic it was like a whole new world opened in front of me, and i’ve learnt to adapt to those tools now - and what’s great is that chord track runs through the spine of your project.

So if you haven’t already, be sure to check those out while you have the demo running.

Only things I miss from Logic are the compressors, alchemy and (summing) track stacks. So if you currently use something like track stacks - just see how the workaround operates for you in Cubase

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Thanks for the info. I can see how very useful chord pads can be for some people. I’m someone who carefully crafts every note of every chord for very specific reasons, an art I’ve been honing for over 25 years :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t think I’ll miss Logic’s track stacks. Cubase’s folders look like they’ll give me what I liked about track stacks. But I need to check that out more.

I did get the impression that was where you were coming from, but i love the chord features in Cubase and can’t help but hype about them lol. :slight_smile:

As for the folders vs stack tracks - the big difference is that your parent folder can’t act as a sum of the audio for the child tracks in Cubase. i.e. You have to create a separate group channel or vcf if you want to control the overall volume, or apply a global effect to those child tracks. So just be aware of that aspect.

On the plus side though, Cubase can route one track back into another which maybe something that interests you, i.e. you can route your track with the chords out to a different MIDI track that has a VST generator, such as a strummer or generative arp.

The midi routing does sound interesting thanks for pointing me to that. I worked up a full mix today in Cubase with a lot of 3rd party plugins and the CPU level was good . That was my main concern and stability but it seems stable so far. I’m really liking working in it.

One thing that might be a show stopper for me. Is there a way to stop the mouse scroll wheel moving the faders? If not then I’d find Cubase very difficult to use because I’d be forever ruining my mixes by accident. Thanks for any help.

I agree, this behavior is pretty annoying. I’d much prefer the scroll wheel to scroll the mixer channels horizontally if no additional key is pressed. At least, there should be an option to disable the current behavior. Unfortunately, there is none yet.

It’s a real pain, and they should just put an option in. It shouldn’t be that hard, surely?
For me, the channel strip parameters moving when you scroll is as big a problem as the faders too, i.e.:-

Puts me off using strips in the mixconsole. It’s a prime example of a great feature set with poor final implementation from the user perspective.

While i can understand that there’s people who prefer it being like that, no-one can argue that having the option would be a bad thing?!