Thinking of up grading to CB6

Ok I was hopping I could get some handy feedback here as I have been happily using CB 5.5.3 But am thinking about going onto CB 6.5.

Will it slow my system down due to the more demanding software? or is that not too much of an issue?

I also use BFD2, Kontakt 3, an Emu 1616m and a UAD 2 card … are there any issues with these that I should know about?

And over all is it worth the upgrade?

I would say it uses about the same processing as C5 (like for like)

Of course if you start to use more features you’ll notice a dunt in performance.
also OS specific!

It should be fine with you’re listed gear, unless you intend to go 64 bit, if you’re not already?

You don’t tell us what system you’re using?


i would say it’s a little more demanding. i just upgraded to 6.5 and I have a pretty big Cubase 5.5.3 project. When opening it in Cubase 6.5, the Asio meter was maxed out and a lot of audio drop outs were occuring, whereas the same project plays fine in Cubase 5 with the Asio meter pretty high, but not maxed out. So yes it’s more demanding a least with my setup.

Hi, thanks for the feed back, I did have my stuff listed in my sig but its gone and cant seem to work out how to insert it again!


Via your “MySteinberg” account

I don’t remember increased CPU usage. UADs work as well as with C5.