Thinking of UR44 purchase any guides or pitfalls?

I’m thinking of the UR44 for portable work. How’s the average latency? Does it hover in the 12ms range or is it better then that?

Is it pretty flawless to set up in 8?


I use a UR44 on a Lenovo Laptop running Win 7x SP1. I can’t imagine there should be any problems installing in 8.1
I also use the Cubase AI 7 which was included (enough for my mobile recording needs, final mixing etc. I do in CPRO8x in the studio).
As I tend to rely on direct monitoring, latency is not really an issue. Don’t have access to it ATM, but it seems to me I had better than 12ms when testing, a lot depends on your machine though of course.

I am running Win 8.1 + UR44 - it is flawless. Cubase reported latency is at best 4.x input and 5.X output. I really don’t know what that means because even when I change to higher buffer settings – asio guard provides some magical low latency for VSTs where it feels like zero latency.

The on board reverb is beautiful ( I had a Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 where the effects were terrible)
The integration with Cubase is what sold me - No external s/w mixer required.

FYI - I am using it on a fast win desktop and have also used it on my iMac combined with a Roland quad-capture using the OS X aggregate device . Worked perfectly.

I use the UR44 with a DAW Build Win 8.1 64x build by a professional DAW builder and cost me 3000 euros and the UR44 has 11.6 ms troundtrip latency on 96/44.1 which sucks.

I just got the UR44 last week and if I set the buffer to 64 samples at 24/44.1, I get 4.2ms input latency and 5.2 output latency in Cubase AI8 and it works fine.
The same settings also work fine in REAPER.

It is OK if I don’t have a lot of other tracks playing. I can use Jam Origin MIDI Guitar to trigger VSTi plugins live with my guitar and can’t detect any latency.

I usually set it up at 128 samples though as I can run more tracks before it starts to crackle.

This is on an untweaked Surface Pro 3 running Win 8.1.