Thinking on MCU intergration . . .

There have been a few suggestions that the Nuage is robbing MCU users of full functionality . .

But . . . I was watching some Vids on the Nuage: - YouTube
(interesting stuff)

As I watched it occurred to me that - although the Nuage is a MUCH more involved and in depth piece of gear - a lot of the functions are quite similar to the MCU functions (as Steinberg implemented them) in the way they are accessed and used.

And I thought: I wonder if all of us MC Spec users out here (whatever Make or Model) actually owe a debt to the Nuage development.

I mean, I’m not a programmer at all - but it strikes me that if you have to insert “hooks” all through the software to bring these functions fully out to a hardware controller (Nuage) - then it would only be a matter of creating a “translator” to port these control options out to different Specs, and types of hardware.

So . . . who knows?

I certainly hope Nuage is a very profitable venture for the SB/Yam team . . . AND that they continue to fully support the almost universal MC spec. It offers compatibility with an incredible range of hardware out there - from reasonable to VERY expensive - and that’s a plus for the Cubendo brand in general.